Attention: Received for shipment from the shipper in apparent good condition and unless otherwise specified in this document, to be transported by any means of transportation for all or any part of the carriage. This shipment is accepted for carriage by Alyamaniya Import and Export USA in accordance with all applicable terms and conditions and / or tariff in effect as of date of acceptance of this shipment and available upon request. Which shipper agrees to as if it were expressly fully specified and incorporated here by accepting and signing this bill of lading. This bill of lading is not negotiable. The shipper certifies that the shipment does not contain any money, negotiable instruments, personal or bank checks, money orders, glass, fragile materials of any kind, dangerous material, illegal items (ex. Drugs, Vapes, E-Cigarette), explosives, weapons (Military apparel), ammunition or any other items prohibited by law of destination country, or any country the shipment will be routed through, such as but not limited to (Drone airplanes, Night Vision Goggles, Metal Detectors). The shipper/dealer agrees to the inspection of this shipment. Customer is responsible for any additional fines or fees at the destination Country and for delay in receiving package once contacted by Alyamaniya staff. All electronics such as mobile phones, computer tablets, computer laptops, smart watches require a paid permit otherwise we are not responsible if they are seized. Note, once a package reaches it’s destination, it must be picked up within 30 days in order to avoid storage fees.

NOTICE OF LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Alyamaniya Import and Export USA may limit its liability for loss, damage or delay as permitted by law and as set forth in its Terms and Conditions and/or Tariff, which are available upon request. Shipper may declare higher value and increase such liability, which will require payment of an increased freight carriage if Alyamaniya Import and Export USA has any liability for shipments that are improperly packed. Claims must be made in a timely manner in writing and in accordance with all applicable Terms and Conditions without reservation except as set forth on behalf of Alyamaniya Import and Export USA . CHECK CONTENTS BEFORE SIGNING. ATTENTION! In order to file a claim for missing items, a discrepancy report must be signed by the recipient as well as the delivery person. Without this document, the claim will not be processed. Shipment is accepted without reservation except as set forth on behalf of Alyamaniya Import and Export USA. It is imperative that the person receiving the package ensures that the package is the same weight as what is shown on the bill of lading (with the exception of a confiscated item). Any violations and/or additional fees due to confiscated or prohibited items, will result in the Customer paying a penalty of no less than $10,000 USD and no more than $25,000 USD per violation. By signing, sender accepts and agrees to all terms.

Prohibited Items